What Is WWII Weekend?

WWII Weekend is one of New England’s premier living history events, providing the public with an interactive, educational and fun WWII experience that is difficult to come by. Participants will have the chance to examine and learn about multiple different kinds of World War 2 vehicles and weapons, as well as how the soldiers of that era lived, by walking through Axis and Allies encampments and interacting with the re-enactors. To top it all off, however, attendees will have the opportunity to view a live World War 2 battle reenactment, as well as flamethrower and weapon demonstrations. That’s not all, however; each day there are different interactive activities that attendees can participate in and experience. So whether you’re a history buff, or you’re just looking for something to do over the weekend with the family, WWII Weekend is the place to be!

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Recent News

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